Cressi T10 SC Cromo/Master

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Cressi T10 SC Cromo Master ademautomaat
1st Trap
   Hyperbalanced diaphragm with Watertight chamber
   2 HP 7/16 UNF ports
   4 MP 3/8 UNF ports
   Operating pressure: 300 bar (4350 psi) DIN Version, 232 bar (3365 psi) International version
   Calibration pressure: 10 bar
   Body coated with PVD process
   High-capacity conical filter in chemically nickel-plated spherical bronze
   Removable nozzle in AISI 316 steel
   Hyperbalancing system
   Anti-pressure drop pneumatic spring
   Stainless steel calibration spring with micropeening treatment
   Low-friction technopolymer slider shaft
   Body protection in polyurethane thermoplastic
   Quantity of air supplied: 4500 l/min
   Weight, INT version: 720 gr
   Weight, DIN version: 602 gr
2e trap
   Pneumatically balanced
   Adjustable Venturi
   Adjustable inhalation effort
   Patented elliptical diaphragm
   Patented low-friction lever
   Air delivery system without injector
   Adjuster knob coated with PVD process with dual OR
   Laser-etched titanium front piece
   Internal heat exchanger
   Cap opening with Cam-lock
   Noise-absorbing technopolymer body
   Removable technopolymer deflector
   Removable mechanics
   Weight without hose: 207 gr
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